Road trip Valdresflye in Norway 🇳🇴

Go on an adventure and drive the road trip Valdresflye! The highest point of the route is 1389m above sea level and offers beautiful views! Read all about the route, highlights along the way and which sights there are near the road trip route.
Road trip Valdresflye Norway

About the road trip Valdresflye

The road trip Valdresflye, also written as Valdresflya or Valdresflyi, is a 30 mile (49 kilometer) long route through the mountainous region of Valdresflye in Norway. The route is part of road 51 which runs from Garli to Handsaeter and takes you at the highest point to 1,389 meters above sea level.

Unlike many tourist routes, the Valdresflye is not one long route. Near Maurvangen there is a small side road to Gjende. This road takes about 5 minutes and takes you to the edge of the beautiful mountain lake Gjende. The lake is 11 miles (18 kilometers) long in total and is located in the middle of Jotunheimen National Park.

National Scenic Route

The 49 km long road trip Valdresflye is one of the most beautiful routes in Norway. It belongs to the 18 National Scenic Routes, these are routes that have been labeled the most beautiful in the country by the Norwegian government. The roads are well maintained and have various rest areas, viewing platforms and sanitary facilities.

In the west of Norway, several National Scenic Routes are located close to each other, so that they can be combined well during a round trip. In the area of the Valdresflye, also known as Valdresfyveien, are the road trips Sognefjellet, Aurlandsfjellet and Rondane.

History of the road trip Valdresflye

Like many other tourist routes in the country, the road over the Valdresflye mountain plateau was built in the past as an important transport route between the north and south of the mountain area. After the construction of the road, it also became more and more important for tourism because of its beautiful surroundings, since then it has been known as the road trip Valdresflye.

Animals on and around the road

Valdresflye mountain plateau is home to many animal species, which should also be taken into account when driving on Fylkesvei 51. The Norwegian government warns road users to keep a close eye on reindeer. The reindeer in the area are tame and therefore walk closer to the road and can cross it.

Valdresflye is also very popular with bird watchers. Every bird species that can be found in Norwegian mountain areas is present in the area. Most of the birds are even visible from the road or one of the stops.

Popular area for cyclists and walkers

Valdresflye mountain plateau is a popular area for both walkers and cyclists. For walkers there are a wide range of footpaths, from footpaths over rocky terrain to forest floor. The famous Besseggen Ridge is also nearby and from Gjende you can take a walk there. At the mountain lake Gjende there are several beautiful hiking trails.

Valdresflye is also a popular area for cyclists. However, they have to take into account a number of long climbs and traffic on the road trip Valdresflye. Due to the high traffic in the summer months, it is more convenient to take the bicycles by road in the early or late season.

Partly closed in the winter months

Road trip Valdresflye crosses the mountain plateau of the same name and is located at its highest point at 1,389 meters above sea level. In the winter months, part of the road disappears under a thick layer of snow and is therefore closed. Between Garli and Maurvangen the road is usually closed from late December to April.

From Hindsaeter the road is open to Maurvangen, so part of the route can also be driven in winter.
Road trip Valdresflye Norway

Route and highlights of the road trip Valdresflye

The 30 mile (49 kilometer) long road trip Valdresflye route is a popular tourist route in Norway. It is located on the mountain plateau of the same name and offers beautiful nature and various sights along the way. These sights are often also dominated by the typical Norwegian nature. The National Scenic Route Valdresflye is part of the Fylkesvei 51, which is a lot longer. The route starts in Garli and runs to Hindsaeter, the sights are also listed in this order. The route can of course also be driven in the other direction.

Resting place Rjupa

Resting place Rjupa is the first stop along the route from Garli. It is a relatively simple resting place, where you can make a short stop to enjoy the surroundings. The simple structure is completely focused on showing the mountain landscape. From Rjupa you have a spectacular view of Lake Vinstervatn and the mountains of the Valdres Valley.

Highest point Flye 1389

The road trip Valdresflye crosses the mountain plateau of the same name and is at its highest point at 1,389 meters above sea level. Cafe Flye 1389 was built on this highest point. From the building you have a panoramic view and you can enjoy the view of mountain peaks such as Besshøe, Høgdebrotet, Tjønnholstinden and Rasletinden. It is also an ideal starting point for walks, cross-country skiing or other activities. Materials can be rented for the activities.

Steinplassen rokcs

Steinplassen consists of two large rocks and is a work of art that refers to the cairns that you often encounter in Norway. In the mountains it is an old custom to pile up a number of stones, with which, for example, a hiking trail was indicated or as another landmark. Especially at the Arctic Circle, this is often done by tourists, to mark their visit to the special area.

Resting place Vargebakkane

Resting place Vargebakkane is located in a special place along the road trip Valdresflye and offers a beautiful view over the rugged landscape. It is situated on a steep climb at the Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres valleys. It is therefore often used as a starting point for a walk through the area.

Mountain Lake Gjende

The route consists of part of the main road 51 and a small side route. The road to Lake Gjende is about 1 mile (2.5 kilometers) long. Car park Gjendeosen is seen as a gateway to Jotunheimen National Park and offers a view over the bright green lake and surrounding mountain peaks. The mountain lake is 11 miles (18 kilometers) long and is known as the most beautiful lake in Jotunheimen. It is possible to take a ferry across the lake in the summer months.

From the end of December to April, part of the road trip Valdresflye is closed due to the heavy snow covering the mountain road. Gjende will remain accessible from Hindsaeter in winter
Road trip Valdresflye Norway

Highlights near the road trip Valdresflye

Norway is a large country with many highlights. It is impossible to see all the highlights during a tour. To see as many sights as possible, it is useful to plan well in advance and see which sights are close to each other. There are also several places of interest in the vicinity of the road trip Valdresflye.

Hiking trail Besseggen Ridge

The hiking trail to Besseggen Ridge is one of Norway’s most popular mountain hikes. From the point you have a great panoramic view and can see the peaks of the Jotunheimen Mountains and the beautiful colors of the lakes Gjende and Bessvatnet. The hiking trail is 8 miles (14 kilometers) long and bridges an ascent of 1200 meters. The trail runs between the lodges Gjendesheim and Memurubu. The walk is mainly intended for experienced hikers. Most hikers take 7 to 8 hours to complete the entire hike.

Lodges along Lake Gjende

Gjende Lake is known as the most beautiful lake in Jotunheimen National Park and is 11 miles (18 kilometers) long. In the summer months, ferries run across the lake between Gjendesheim lodge, Gjendebu lodge and Memurubu lodge. With the ferry you can take a nice boat trip on the lake and start a walking tour in the area from various points.

Route Sognefjellet

Norway has 18 National Scenic Routes, which are officially the most beautiful routes in the country. In Western Norway, several of these tourist routes are located near each other, making it easy to combine them during a big roadtrip. The road trip Sognefjellet is 67 miles (108 kilometers) long and is an important road to the Jotumheimen National Park. The road is the most elevated mountain road in the country and Northern Europe.

Road trip Rondane

The road trip Rondane is also 1 of the 18 National Scenic Routes and runs along Rondane Nasjonal Park, or Rondane National Park. The 46 mile (75 kilometer) long road offers a beautiful view of nature and is open to traffic all year round.

Drive the road trip Aurlandsfjellet

The road trip Aurlandsfjellet is near the road trip Valdresflye. It is also a National Scenic Route and runs over the mountain area of ​​the same name. The route is known for its snow. Snow can be found along the route all year round, even on the hottest summer days. One side of the Aurlandsjellet is located in the famous Aurlandsjord, where the famous Flåmsbana train line also runs.

The Laerdal Tunnel is literally below the Aurlandsfjellet. This 15 mile (24.5 kilometer) long tunnel cuts through the mountains and is the longest road tunnel in the world.