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With road trip Rondane you discover the surroundings of the oldest national park in Norway, which is also called Rondane. Read all about the route, highlights along the way and which sights there are near the road trip route.
Road trip Rondane Norway

About the road trip Rondane

The road trip Rondane is 46 miles (75 kilometers) long and located at the Rondane National Park, after which the route is named. The route runs from Mount Muen to the town of Folldal, with a side road to Sollia Kirke.

Almost the entire route runs on the Fylkesvei 27 highway, with a total length of 50 miles (82 kilometers) this road is slightly longer than the road trip Rondane. Vehicles are prohibited in almost all Norwegian national parks, so the road does not run through Rondane Nasjonal Park but along the nature reserve. The road along the national park was previously a major artery in the region. After Rondane became the first area to be designated a national park in 1962, the road became important for tourism.

In 2019, a large number of Norwegian highways were renumbered, so it may happen that older maps of Norway are no longer correct.

Rondane one of the most beautiful routes in Norway

The road trip Rondane is one of the most beautiful road routes in Norway. It is 1 of the 18 National Scenic Routes, these are officially the most beautiful routes in the country. Not only do you see the highlights of Norway along the routes, various facilities have also been built along the roads. Sanitation facilities can be found along most National Scenic Routes.

Open all year round

Unlike many other National Scenic Routes, the road trip Rondane is open all year round. Many tourist roads are closed in the winter months because of the thick layer of snow that lies on the roads. Although the highest point of the route is at 1060 meters above sea level, the route can remain open all year round.

In bad weather, the stretch of road over Ringebufjellet may be closed for a short time.

Popular area for walking and cycling

Rondane National Park is a popular area for hiking and cycling. Since vehicles are not allowed in the nature reserve, the road trip Rondane is a logical and popular starting point for a tour of the area.

Strømbu is a popular starting point for hikes, as a number of hiking trails lead through Rondane National Park from here. Along the way you walk through birch forests and pine plains and you have a great view of the huge mountain peaks. You can also walk multi-day hiking trails.

Cyclists and cyclists can best start their tour at Venabygdsfjellet. From there you have a view of the mountain Muen and the tour starts with a descent to the valley at Enden. From the valley you can choose to take the side route to Sollia Kirke or to cycle the route towards Folldal.
road trip rondane

Route and highlights of the road trip Rondane

The 46 mile (75 kilometer) long road trip Rondane is named after Rondane National Park, which the route runs along. The route is one of the most beautiful in Norway, as it is one of the 18 National Scenic Routes. The road trip is worth driving along, but it’s also well worth stopping at the sights along the way. The sights are lined up from Venabygdsfjellet at the mountain Muen to Folldal. The route can of course also be taken in another direction.

Mountain Muen

The road trip Rondane starts at Venabygdsfjellet, after which the road takes you to the highest point of the mountain pass. The highest point is located at 1060 meters above sea level and is also the highest point of the route. Here you are at the foot of the mountain Muen, which is 1424 meters high. Parking is available at the pass and there is a hiking trail on the south side of the mountain that leads to the top of the Muen. The hike to the top takes about an hour.

The Muen is the most famous mountain peak in the area and is visited by thousands of hikers every year and is known for its characteristic shape. During the trek up you will see the diversity of the Norwegian landscape and from the top you will have a great view of Rondane, Venabygdsfjellet and Alvdal Vestfjell.

Old church Sollia Kirkea

Near Enden you can take the exit from highway 27 Fylkesvei to the 219 towards Atna. About 7 miles (12 kilometers) away, about 11 minutes drive, is the village of Sollia with the Sollia Kirke.

The king gave permission to build the church in 1732, but no money was given for its construction. The inhabitants themselves collected the building materials to build the church. In 1738 the construction of the Sollia Kirke was completed and it could be opened. The centuries-old craftsmanship is well preserved and is admired by many tourists every year.

Waterfall Atnbrufossen and Atnbrufossen Vannbruksmuseum

Along the Fylkesvei 27, near the town of Atnbrua, you will find the famous waterfall Atnbrufossen. The area is known as one of Norway’s most remarkable cultural landscapes.

The Atnbrufossen Vannbruksmuseum is located at the special waterfall. The museum is housed in a building that used to house a sawmill and hydroelectric power station. Both then took advantage of the power of the waterfall and the flowing river. The museum building also regularly hosts concerts and art exhibitions.

The road trip Rondane is open all year round, but the sanitary facilities at the Atnbrufossen are only open from mid-June to mid-August.

Viewpoint Sohlbergplassen

Viewpoint Sohlbergplassen is located on Lake Atnsjøen. The graceful platform winds its way through the trees towards the lake, providing stunning views of the lake and the mountain peaks of the Rondane massif. The lookout point gives you this view exactly from the corner where painter Harald Sohlberg painted the famous painting ‘Winter’s Night in Rondane’ in 1914. The Sohlbergplassen viewing platform is also named after this well-known Norwegian painter.

Resting point Strombu

Rondane became Norway’s first national park in 1962 and has attracted many tourists every year since then. Strømbu is located along the road of the road trip Rondane and is an important gateway to the Rondane massif, making it the starting point of their hikes for many hikers. From Strømbu there are many hiking tours through the nature reserve.

The resting point at Strømbu offers a beautiful view from the roof terrace of the mountains of the mountain massif, the river Atna and the Norwegian nature. The sanitary facilities are open from Easter to the end of October. Strømbu is accessible outside this period.

Folldal Gruver

The road trip Rondane ends in the town of Folldal. In the past Folldal was very important for the production of copper, zinc and sulphur for centuries. In 1748 the first mines opened for the extraction of the fabrics. It was not until 1993 that the Folldal mines were decommissioned.

The mines belong to important Norwegian technical and industrial heritage and are in good condition. Where miners used to work hard to produce copper, zinc and sulfur, it is now tourists who explore the area.
Rondane national park and road trip

Highlights near the road trip Rondane

The road trip Rondane shows some highlights of Norway in a short time, but it is certainly worth exploring a number of other places of interest in the area. We have listed a number of sights.

Rondane National Park

Rondane became Norway’s first National Park in 1962 and attracts many tourists every year. The untouched nature, beautiful mountain peaks and ideal opportunities for hiking and cycling make it a popular destination. The road trip Rondane runs alongside the National Park and offers a good starting point for exploring the approximately 372 square mile (963 square kilometer) park in several places.

Route Valdresflye

Rondane is 1 of the 18 National Scenic Routes in Norway. Nearby the route are more of these National Scenic Routes, such as road trip Valdresflye.

The road trip is 30 miles (49 kilometers) long and runs through the mountain area of ​​the same name. Not only does the area offer beautiful Norwegian nature, but also many animals that live there. Every year many bird watchers flock to the Valdresflye because of the many bird species that live there, in addition there are also many tame reindeer.

Route Sognefjellet

In the west of Norway, several National Scenic Routes are located close to each other, making it easy to combine them with each other. The 67 miles (108 kilometers) road trip Sognefjellet takes you at the highest point to more than 1400 meters above sea level, making it the highest mountain road in Scandinavia. The road is also seen as an important gateway to the Jotunheimen National Park.

Visit the city of Lillehammer

The Norwegian city of Lillehammer is located about 43 miles (70 kilometers) from Venabygdsfjellet, the starting point of the road trip Rondane. Lillehammer is the capital of Innlandet County, which is Norway’s second largest county. The city is also known for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics and the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

With, among other things, a stave church from about the year 1150, several large and interesting museums and various Olympic locations, Lillehammer is a city to visit.