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With the road trip Havøysund you discover the far north of Norway! It is the most northern road trip route and close to the North Cape. Read all about the route, highlights along the way and which sights there are near the road trip route.
Road trip Havoysund Norway

About the road trip Havøysund

The road trip Havøysund is located in the north of Norway, at the very head of the country above the border with Finland. The starting point of the road trip is more than a 7-hour drive from the city of Tromsø. By comparison, the capital Oslo is a 24-hour drive.

The route follows a local road from Kokelv to Havøysund, after which the scenic route is named. On road maps, this local road is marked with the number 889. With a length of 41 miles (67 kilometers) it is a relatively short route, but well worth the drive. The varied and diverse landscape shows the great diversity of Norway. You can also encounter reindeer and sea eagles along the way. The road trip Havøysund literally ends at the ocean, at the village of Havøysund.

Due to the proximity of highway E6 and various ferries and boats, the route can easily be combined with other places of interest in Northern Norway.

History of the road trip Havøysund

Like many scenic routes, the road trip Havøysund was not built as a scenic road but as a road for residents. The road runs largely along the coast and runs through a varied landscape, from barren rock landscapes to impressive fjords and from forests to lakes. The ancient town of Havøysund is the terminus of the road that has been an important fishing town since the end of the Second World War. About 1200 people live there. The village is literally on the edge of the ocean and is an impressive end of the breathtaking tourist track.

Since 2012, the route has been officially designated as a National Scenic Route and is one of the most beautiful routes in Norway.

Most beautiful road trip in Norway

The Norwegian government has designated 18 routes in the country as National Scenic Routes. The project started as a pilot in 1994 with 4 routes. Subsequently, in 2005 a total of 18 routes were designated, including the Havøysund tourist route. In 2012, the routes were officially given the titles and signs were placed everywhere. In the years that followed and in the years to come, the Norwegian government is working on improving the routes and placing points of interest such as special lookout points and rest areas.

Route open all year round

Unlike several other tourist routes, this route is open all year round. In the winter months, especially in the north of Norway, there is a lot of snow, which makes several roads impassable. Because the route is the only road to various places, this road is cleared of snow. This makes it possible to enjoy the road trip Havøysund all year round.


Route and highlights of the road trip Havøysund

The road trip Havøysund is 41 miles (67 kilometers) long and is located in the far north of Norway and runs from Kokelv to Havøysund, the fishing village after which the route is named. The special road is officially one of the most beautiful routes in Norway, it has been awarded the title National Scenic Route by the Norwegian government.

Along the way you will drive through the impressive and varied landscape of Northern Norway. From views of the Arctic Ocean to a breathtaking rocky landscape, the 41-mile (67-kilometer) route will take your eyes off.

Along the route there are several places of interest and places where you can rest and enjoy the beautiful view. The sights are listed in a row from Kokelv to Havøysund.

Resting place Storberget

Resting place Storberget is located at the beginning of the route to Havøysund. At Storberget you will get to know the route and what to expect. You have beautiful views over the Revsbotnfjord, the Arctic Ocean and of course the untouched Norwegian nature. You also have a view of the Russelva River, where the resting place is just above. The rest area is also a popular starting point for short and longer walks in the area.

Resting place Lillefjord

Resting place Lillefjord is located along road 889 and offers a view of the fjord of the same name. The Lillefjord is a side arm of the Revsbotnfjord and is only 2 miles (4 kilometers) long, making it one of the shortest fjords in Norway. At the resting place is a bridge that crosses the river Fosseelva, this bridge is the starting point of a walking path along the river that leads to the Lillefjord waterfall.

The rest area has sanitary facilities. From about the beginning of October to the beginning of May, the toilets are closed due to the winter weather.

Resting place Snefjord

About halfway along the road trip Havøysund is Snefjord resting place, named after the fjord it is located on. The resting place is located where the river Snefjord flows into. It is an ideal place to fish for salmon or just sit and enjoy the view of the Norwegian landscape and the ocean.

Resting place Selvika

Selvika is the main attraction along the Havøysund route. Where the resting places Lillefjord and Snefjord are relatively simple, Selvika is a unique structure that is really worth a visit. Selvika is located on the inside of the bay of the same name and the concrete structure forms a path to the sandy beach of the bay. The rest area has sanitary facilities, these are only open from about the beginning of May to the beginning of October.

In the vicinity of Selvika Bay are several cultural heritage areas and also remains of settlements from the Sami culture and the Neolithic.

Fishing village Havøysund

Fishing village Havøysund is the terminus of the road trip Havøysund. The fishing village has about 1200 inhabitants and is a lively community, located on the edge of Europe. Havøysund is located along the ocean, because of this location the village also grew into a fishing village at the end of the Second World War.

Not only the lively village is worth a visit. You can also fully enjoy nature in the area, for example by taking a walk to the Gavien mountain plateau. From the mountain plateau you have a beautiful view of the surroundings and the Barents Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is also called the Arctic Ocean. The road trip Havøysund is worth driving (and stopping to admire villages and nature) from start to finish!
Road trip Havoysund in Norway

Highlights near the road trip Havøysund

The northern route Havøysund takes you almost to the very tip of Norway. As you drive along the 41 miles (67 kilometers) long road you will encounter the diversity of the Norwegian landscape. No moment is the same and the route is not the same as any of the other 18 National Scenic Routes.

There are several highlights near the road trip Havøysund. These are listed below.

Porsangerfjord, one of the longest fjords in Norway

At the beginning of road 889, before the road trip Havøysund starts, you already drive a bit along the Porsangerfjord. Via the road E69 you drive along the edge of the fjord and you have a great view of one of the longest fjords in Norway. The Porsangerfjord is 76 miles (123 kilometers) long and 14 miles (24 kilometers) wide at its widest point. It is one of the 4 longest fjords in the country, only the Sognefjord (204 km), Hardangerfjord (179 km) and Trondheimfjord (126 km) are longer. The Porsangerfjord runs from Lakselv to the Barents Sea.

It is possible to drive on the E69 to Honningsvåg and take the ferry to Havøysund there, so that the two routes can be combined without having to drive roads twice.

North Cape in Norway

If you’re that far into Northern Norway, the northernmost tip of the mainland is very close. Every year many tourists visit the Norwegian North Cape, also known as Nordkapp. The Norwegian North Cape is not far from the route and fishing town of Havøysund and can be reached via the E69 or from Havøysund by ferry to Honningsvåg and then take the E69.

The more than 300 meters high North Cape cliff is considered the most northern point of Europe, but it is actually not. The northernmost point is on the Russian archipelago of Franz Josef Land, which is also part of Europe. It is also not the most northern point of the European mainland, which is the headland of Knivskjelodden. The headland is about 2 miles (1.5 kilometers) away from North Cape and can be visited with a long walk.

Northernmost town Hammerfest

The fishing village of Havøysund is the terminus of the road trip. From the village the boat can be taken to Hammerfest. The city with about 10,500 inhabitants is the northernmost city in Norway and also in the world.

Road trip Varanger

Even further north in the country is the road trip Varanger. The route is 99 miles (160 kilometers) long and is located along the coast around much of the Varanger Peninsula, which is also home to a large national park. Just like the road trip Havøysund , it is 1 of the 18 National Scenic Routes. When traveling through Northern Norway, it is definitely worth adding this tourist route to your schedule.