Road trip Aurlandsfjellet in Norway 🇳🇴

The road trip Aurlandsfjellet, also known as the Snow Road, is a mountain road in Norway. It is known for the beautiful views & snow! Read all about the route, highlights along the way and which sights there are near the road trip route.
Road trip Aurlandsfjellet Norway

About the road trip Aurlandsfjellet

The road trip Aurlandsfjellet, also called Aurlandsvegen, is one of the most beautiful roads in Norway. The road is about 29 miles (48 kilometers) long and takes you up to 1306 meters above sea level. Along the way you will encounter beautiful Norwegian nature and there are several places where you can stop and enjoy the view. You can enjoy the view from one of the most famous viewing platforms in the world!

History of the road trip Aurlandsfjellet

The 29 miles (48 kilometers) long road was opened in 1967, but the route had been used for several years before. Previously, there was a construction road on the mountain route. With the construction of the Aurlandsvegen, a through road was realized between Laerdal and Aurland.

Because driving on the mountain road takes a lot of time and the Aurlandsfjellet was also impassable in the winter months, the construction of a tunnel was started at the end of the last century. In the year 2000, the Laerdal Tunnel was opened. Where the road trip Aurlandsfjellet goes over the mountain, the tunnel goes right through it. Since the year 2000, the Aurlandsfjellet has become a tourist route.

National Scenic Route

With the beautiful nature and special views, it is therefore not surprising that the road trip Aurlandsfjellet has been officially designated one of the most beautiful routes in the country. It belongs to the National Scenic Routes, called Nasjonale Turistveger in Norwegian. These are the 18 most beautiful roads in Norway.

Snow Road

The route is also called Snøvegen, or Snow Road. This is because the mountain route disappears under a thick layer of snow in the winter months. In most summer months you will also encounter snow on the way. So in the middle of summer, while wearing shorts, you can throw snowballs at your travel companions!

Road trip Aurlandsfjellet not always open

When planning a holiday to Norway, you should keep in mind that not all roads and sights are open all year round, this is also the case with the road trip Aurlandsfjellet. The road is closed for half the year because of the heavy snow on the mountain. The road is open from late May/early June to mid-October/beginning of November. The exact opening and closing dates depend on weather conditions. During the winter months, the Stegastein viewpoint remains accessible from Aurlandsvangen, from this well-known viewing platform you have a beautiful view over the Aurlandsfjord.

No gas station

Norway is a very large country with long highways and sparsely populated areas. It can take a while before you come across a gas station, especially in the less populated parts, so it is important to fill up on time and possibly take a jerry can with you. There is no gas station on the 29 miles (48 kilometers) long route itself, but there are in the villages around the road.

Laerdal Tunnel

If you want to travel quickly between Laerdal and Aurland, it is more convenient to take the Laerdal Tunnel. This is the longest road tunnel in the world and takes you to the other side in about 30 minutes. The road trip Aurlandsfjellet goes over the mountain. You can of course also combine the longest car tunnel in the world and one of the most beautiful Norwegian routes.
Road trip Aurlandsfjellet in Norway

Route and highlights of the road trip Aurlandsfjellet

The road trip Aurlandsfjellet is a 29 miles (48 kilometers) long road in Norway, connecting Laerdal and Aurland. It is one of the 18 National Scenic Routes in the country, which are officially the most beautiful routes in Norway. So you have the guarantee that you will see the most beautiful views of Norway along the way. You will also pass various sights along the way, which we have listed for you. The sights are listed in order from Laerdal to Aurland.

The views at Vedahaugane

Vedahaugane has always been a stopping point on the road trip Aurlandsfjellet, being a regular place for road users to stop and rest for decades. In 2012, a 90-metre-long concrete footpath was realized at this location, over which you can walk from the parking lot to beautiful views. In addition, the path is a 90-meter long bench, where you can quietly enjoy the view of the mountains and valley.

A work of art is also part of the Vedahaugane. A tunnel has been made at the footpath, where you can see a work of art by the American artist Mark Dion. In the ‘cave’ you can see a sleeping bear on a mountain of things that the animal has collected over the years. The path is wheelchair accessible.

The waterfalls and lake at Flotane

Flotane is a stop at the top of the route. It is definitely recommended to stop there, because it is located on a beautiful lake with waterfalls. At Flotane there are several benches where you can enjoy the beautiful view.

A sanitary stop is also possible in a special building. The toilet block is an architectural masterpiece and is covered in snow for about eight months of the year, like the rest of the road trip Aurlandsfjellet. The building is built towards the sun, so that it can be completely self-sufficient by means of solar panels. The toilets are also wheelchair accessible.

The world famous viewing point Stegastein

Viewpoint Stegastein is not at the highest point, but it is a highlight of the road trip Aurlandsfjellet. The special lookout point is 650 meters high and gives you the idea of ​​floating above the Aurlandsfjord. With the glass front, the lookout gives you a beautiful view over the fjord and the village of Aurlandsvangen. Unlike the Aurlandsfjellet route, Stegastein is open all year round. During the winter months it remains accessible from Aurlandsvangen, a drive of approximately 4 miles (7 kilometers). The sanitary facilities are closed in the winter months.
Road trip Aurlandsfjellet - viewpoint Stegastein

Highlights near the road trip Aurlandsfjellet

Not only the Aurlandsfjellet is a must to see, there are also several other tourist attractions in the area. The sights are along, near and even literally below the Aurlandsfjellet.

Laerdal Tunnel

The Laerdal Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world and is literally located under the Aurlandsfjellet. Where the road trip Aurlandsfjellet goes over the mountain, the tunnel goes through it. The tunnel is 15 miles (24.5 kilometers) long and has three stops along the way that are specially lit. In about 20 minutes you drive from Laerdal to Aurland, or vice versa.


The road trip Aurlandsfjellet connects Aurland and Laerdal. The municipality of Aurland is named after the Aurlandsfjord, in which it is located. The fjord is a tributary of the Sognefjord, which is Norway’s longest fjord.

In the Aurlandsjord you can visit the villages of Aurlandsvangen and Flåm, the latter village in particular is a popular tourist destination. Every year many cruise ships dock to let travelers enjoy the area. Trains depart from Flåm that run over the Flåmsbana, which is one of the steepest train routes in the world.


The Aurlandsfjord is a tributary of the Sognefjord, a fjord that is definitely worth a look. The Sognefjord is 126 miles (204 kilometers) long, making it the longest fjord in Norway and also one of the longest fjords in the world.


Like the Aurlandsfjord, the Naeroyfjord is also a tributary of the Sognefjord. It is close to the Aurlandsfjord and is well worth a visit. It is one of the narrowest fjords in the country, at its narrowest point it is only 250 meters wide. A special way to admire the fjord is from Breiskrednosi rock. This rock is accessible via a hiking trail and is located at 1189 meters above sea level. Because of the beautiful nature and beautiful waterfalls, the fjord has been given a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Naeroyfjord and Geirangerfjord are the only Norwegian fjords on this list.

The old village Laerdalsoyri

Where you end up in the Aurlandsfjord on one side of the route, you pass the village of Laerdalsoyri on the other side. The old core of the village consists of wooden houses, all of which were built in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is therefore not surprising that the village attracts many tourists every year.

Bogund Stave Church

If you drive about 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the road trip Aurlandsfjellet, you will arrive at the Bogund Stave Church. It is one of the most special stave churches in Norway. The Bogund Stave Church was built in the 12th century and has been well preserved over the years. A visitor center and restaurant are located near the church.

Route Gaularfjellet

Near the road trip Aurlandsfjellet is the road trip Gaularfjellet. This route is considered one of Norway’s best kept secrets. The route is really beautiful, there are many waterfalls right next to the route. Yet the Gaularfjellet is still unknown. It has been designated a National Scenic Route, so definitely a route not to be missed!

Route Sognefjellet

If you’re visiting the Aurlandsfjord and the world-famous Stegastein lookout point, don’t miss the Sognefjord! Norway’s longest fjord is nearby. If you drive the road trip Sognefjellet, you will see part of the long fjord and also drive on the highest mountain road in Northern Europe. Plenty of beautiful views!