These are officially the 18 most beautiful routes in Norway 🇳🇴

Norway has been a sought-after destination for travelers for many years. The country is ideal for a city trip, to go to islands, to see nature and to take an adventurous road trip. During a tour through Norway you naturally want to see the highlights of the country and for that you have to visit the 18 most beautiful routes in Norway.

What are the National Scenic Routes?

The Norwegian government started a pilot in the 1990s to give different routes in the country a special title. In addition, the routes were made even more attractive for tourists by realizing sanitary facilities and viewing platforms where the view can be enjoyed even more.

In 2005, the successful pilot was converted into the start of the National Scenic Routes. Spread across the country, 18 routes were given the title National Scenic Route, making them officially the most beautiful routes in Norway. The routes each show the diverse landscape and take you along all kinds of highlights 🏔️. In recent years, the routes have been equipped with various rest areas, facilities and viewing platforms. There are also more plans for the routes!

What are the 18 most beautiful routes?

The 18 National Scenic Routes are spread from the south to the far north of Norway. Most routes are located in the west of the country, several are even close to each other here. These routes can therefore easily be combined into a large road trip.

Officially the most beautiful routes (from south to north):


Are the National Scenic Routes very different from each other?

The National Scenic Routes cannot be compared, except that these 18 routes are officially the most beautiful routes in Norway. Where one route goes along various beautiful beaches 🏖️, another route goes over a high mountain plateau or a high mountain pass 🗻. There is also an ancient route, a road that goes close to and over the ocean, over the most beautiful archipelago in Norway and in the far east of Norway 🇧🇻.