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The road trip Andøya shows you the beauty of the Vesterålen archipelago in Norway. See the special nature, the animal life and much more! Read all about the route, highlights along the way and which sights there are near the road trip route.
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About the road trip Andøya

The road trip Andøya is located on the island of the same name in the north of Norway. Andøya is known for some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches, ocean views, wildlife and, of course, Norwegian nature.

The route is on local roads from Bjørnskinn to Andenes and is 36 miles (58 kilometers) of land in total. On road maps, the route can be found as roads 7698, 7702 and 82. The roads run along almost the entire west coast of the island of Andøya and offer plenty of views over the Norwegian Sea, part of the Atlantic Ocean. With a length of 36 miles (58 kilometers) it is not a very long route, but it is certainly worth it because of the special nature and various sights along the way.

The road trip Andøya connects to the road trip Senja by ferry in the summer months, making both routes an alternative to the E6 highway. This highway runs through all of Norway to the very tip of the country. The location of both scenic routes also makes it easy and attractive to combine both routes.

Island Andøya is part of Vesterålen

The island of Andøya is part of the Vesterålen archipelago. This archipelago consists of four large islands, including Andøya, and about 1,300 smaller islands. Vesterålen is a lot less touristy than Lofoten and is seen as a wonderful alternative to Lofoten. The archipelago offers rugged coasts, beautiful beaches and exceptional animal life. For example, seals, puffins and sea eagles live here and Andenes is a well-known place for whale watching. A whale museum with a viewing point is also being built in its place.

Most beautiful routes in Norway

The road trip Andøya is a so-called National Scenic Route, Nasjonale Turistveger in Norwegian. These are a total of 18 routes that have been named the most beautiful routes in Norway by the Norwegian government. The 18 routes are spread across the country and each show the special, varied and rugged landscape and nature of Norway. The Norwegian government is also investing heavily in the routes, so that they can become tourist attractions. The roads are well maintained and points of interest are highlighted along the routes thanks to viewpoints and facilities such as toilets built.

Ideal place for walking and cycling

The island of Andøya and the archipelago of Vesterålen are beautiful locations for hiking and cycling. A great way to discover Andøya is to take a walk along the coastline, from there you have a beautiful view not only of the Atlantic Ocean but also of the landscape of the island. For enthusiasts it is also possible to take a walk to the top of Måtinden mountain, the most popular mountain on the island of Andøya. For an even better view you can go to the peaks of the mountains Kvasstinden and Gavltinden in the south of the island. These are the highest mountains on the island and from there you have a great view over the islands of Vesterålen.

Cycling along the special route is also possible. The Andøya tourist route is a relatively simple cycle route, which makes it suitable for everyone to cycle quickly. However, the weather forecast must be carefully examined in advance, in particular the wind speed and direction. Not only does the road trip Andøya belong to the National Scenic Routes, but also to the National Cycle Route 1. The National Cycle Route 1 runs along the entire coast of Norway. The route is signposted. Between Bergen and North Cape, the cycling route also coincides with the EuroVelo 1.

Andøya Space

Norway is a very diverse and varied country. Not only in terms of landscape and cities, but also in terms of sights. Probably unexpected, but there is a space base on Andøya. Formerly known as Andøya Space Center and Andøya Rocket Range, Andøya Space is the only space station in Europe that is still in use. There are still rockets in the air here. A part of the space base can be visited, here you can learn everything about space travel and also about the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are something the Norwegians have been researching for many years.

The working space station Andøya Space is located in Andenes, the place at the end of the road trip Andøya. It is therefore easy to combine a visit to the space station with driving the tourist route.
Road trip Andoya in Norway

Route and highlights of the road trip Andøya

The 36 miles (58 kilometers) long road trip Andøya is located on the island of the same name in northern Norway. The route connect the towns of Bjørnskinn and Andenes and run largely along the coastline of the island. The highest point of the route is located 65 meters above sea level.

There are various highlights along the route, both directly along the road and in the area. The sights are lined up from Bjørnskinn to Andenes.

The special rock formation Bukkekjerka

At Nøss, the road trip Andøya runs along the coast on one side and the Børhella Mountains on the other, providing impressive views on both sides. On the side of the coast is the rock formation Bukkekjerka. This rock formation was formerly used by the Sami as a place of sacrifice. An altar is also naturally formed in the rocks.

Facilities and a parking space have been realized at the Bukkekjerka rock formation. On the other side of the rock formation is a plateau with seating for great views over the Atlantic Ocean and the islet of Børvågsholmen, where there are two small unmanned lighthouses. You can also walk to the top of the Bukkekjerka, where there is also a bench. You can also walk to the island of Børvågsholmen.

Sanitary facilities have been realized along the road, but these are closed in the winter months. The toilets are open from about mid-May to early October.

Fishing village Bleik

Along the road trip Andøya lies the fishing village of Bleik. The island of Andøya is an ideal place to go fishing because of its location and the favorable climate due to the Gulf Stream. Fishing and fish processing are therefore important industries for the island.

About 450 inhabitants live in Bleik, which makes it not a big place. The place is also known for Bleiksstranda, a white and shiny beach. The beach has also provided the name of the village, in Old Norse ‘Bleikr’ means pale or light-colored. The village is centuries old, remnants of agriculture dating back to the year 600 have been found.

The population of the fishing village is dwarfed by the more than 40,000 puffins that nest on the bird cliffs of Bleiksøya, the island is located opposite Bleik. A large colony of sea eagles also lives on the island.

Resting place Clayivodden

North of the fishing village of Bleik, Kleivodden resting place has been realized along the Andøya route. The resting place is located near steep mountain slopes and the ocean, which makes for a beautiful view all around. From the resting place you can also see the bird cliffs of Bleiksøya Island, which is home to tens of thousands of puffins and bald eagles also nest. The bird cliffs can also be visited in summer.

Space base Andøya Space

Driving along the road trip Andøya, you don’t just see the ocean and the diverse Norwegian landscape. You will also pass the Andøya Space space base. It is the only working space base in Europe where rockets are still launched. The base is an important part of space history. Since the first research rocket took to the skies in 1962, more than 1,200 rockets have been launched from the base. Part of the base is open to the public, where you can learn everything about space travel and the Northern Lights.

Andenes Lighthouse

Andenes Lighthouse, called Andenes Fyr in Norwegian, is located on the outskirts of town and on a northern tip of the island of Andøya. The lighthouse dates from 1859 and was automated in 1978. The white light of the lighthouse can be seen more than 12 miles (20 kilometers) away from August to the end of April. Because of the midnight sun, the lighthouse is not lit for the rest of the year, especially in the dark winter months with the polar nights, the lighthouse is much needed.

The lighthouse can be visited in the summer months and is therefore the best known and most visited lighthouse in the Norwegian Arctic.
road trip Andoya in Norway

Highlights near the road trip Andøya

The road trip Andøya offers 36 miles (58 kilometers) of some of Norway’s highlights, but the country has so much more to offer. Norway is so vast and diverse that it is impossible to admire everything during a tour. Many beautiful sights are close together in the area, so it is important to plan the trip well in advance. That way you never miss a highlight.

There are also several highlights near the island of Andøya. We have listed a number of sights for you.

Vesterålen archipelago

The island of Andøya is part of the Vesterålen archipelago. This archipelago is seen as a still unknown alternative to the popular and touristic Lofoten. Vesterålen consists of 4 large islands and about 1300 smaller islands and covers a total of more than 966 square miles (2500 square kilometers). The archipelago offers space to special animals. It is known for the whales and orcas that swim in the water, as well as the many bird species that live there.

Both in summer and winter, when the landscape is covered with a layer of snow, the archipelago is seen as a paradise. Vesterålen is also called a ‘walker’s paradise’ because of the special walking routes and beautiful views.

Bird Island Bleiksøya

The island of Bleiksøya is located off the coast of Andøya, near the fishing town of Bleik. From the road trip Andøya and the resting place you have a beautiful view of the island. Bleiksøya can be visited in the summer months and is known for its large bird population. More than 40,000 puffins nest on the cliffs and there is also a colony of sea eagles on the special island.

Experience the Northern Lights

Northern Norway is of course known for the Northern Lights, which are officially called Aurora Borealis. Between September and April, the light dances in the sky, providing breathtaking views. The light spectacle of mother nature can also be seen above the archipelago of Vesterålen, and therefore also above the road trip Andøya. It should be noted that the Northern Lights are not visible every night, but with a multi-day trip through the north of Norway there is a good chance that you will see the special natural phenomenon.

Island and route Senja

Like the road trip Andøya, the road trip Senja also belongs to the National Scenic Routes. These are officially the 18 most beautiful road routes in Norway. Combining these two routes is easy, because both islands are located next to each other. In the summer months, a ferry runs between Andenes and the island of Senja.

Lofoten archipelago

The Vesterålen are a wonderful alternative to the popular and more touristic archipelago of Lofoten. When it comes to tourism, it should be noted that it is of course a lot less crowded than, for example, Oslo or Trondheim.

Since you are already close, it is certainly worth visiting the Lofoten. The archipelago is known for its beautiful and diverse nature and beautiful roads. The road trip Lofoten, which is also a National Scenic Route, also crosses the archipelago.